Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Rising by Robert Ovies

Life, death and our lack of control of these issues is the theme of the book. It takes a realistic look at what would happen if a miracle of the magnitude of resurrection were to happen today in modern times. Amidst the skepticism, angling for personal gain and ambition of the adults is set our main character of C.J. He is a nine year old boy like any average child, not particularly spiritual. His childlike trust and naïveté is what makes the story believable. C.J. is able to resurrect the dead and heal people. You can imagine how this modern day retelling of “Lazarus” unfolds. Everyone wants a piece of the action either for themselves like the Dad or for the world like the Cardinal. Amongst the media hype and frenzy, stands C. J.’s mother, like a “Mary” figure, who is willing to risk everything to protect her son but always obedient to God’s will as she seeks this out. Also, she seeks council in her local priest, Father Mark. He is a faithful priest with deep felt doubts that give insight and thoughtfulness to the story as it unfolds. I highly recommend this book. It is hard to put down. There is a surprise ending that makes me feel hopeful. This book is about beginnings and endings and it may change what you currently think about the definitions of these for yourself.

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