Sunday, October 5, 2014

Believing in Jesus: A Popular Overview of the Catholic Faith 5th edition

This book was a pleasant surprise. The use of the word “Overview” made me think of the words basic, beginner, or just too easy. On the contrary this book goes very deep into the meaning of our Catholic faith. I found myself rereading some lines over and over, not because it was hard to understand but just beautifully stated by the author. It touches on topics such as why Jesus had to die for us and there was no other way for salvation, dying to self and choosing God everyday and continual conversion. From Appendix A, you read “Ours is a lifetime journey, always a “becoming” as we reflect, pray, learn, search, and ever deepening our insights.” There are many great references at the end of the book. You can spend a long time delving into all the book has to offer. In the Postscript, you read “Being saved is being cleansed, liberated, and raised up to the life of Jesus daily. You can use this book for groups or individual study with questions for contemplation at the end of each chapter. These questions are open ended and great for discussion. This book has cleared up some of my questions and re-enlivened my sense of the beauty of our Catholic faith. I definitely recommend this book in our time of the “New Evangelization”. It is for those new to the Catholic faith and those re-opened to the faith. The better you know your faith, the better you can love, live and share your faith.

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