Monday, March 9, 2015

The Power of the Daily Mass: How Frequent Participation in the Eucharist can Transform Your Life by Bert Ghezzi

If you’re like me you wish you could attend daily mass but life gets in the way. I wanted to read “The Power of the Daily Mass” because it would convict me for the reasons I don’t go to daily mass. One of my favorite parts of the book is the great quotes from the average daily mass attendee. Each chapter unpacks the mass from “honoring the saints” to “our daily bread”. At first I thought I found the book too simplistic, but I realized its beauty. This book has deepened my appreciation of the mass, on Sunday and every day. There are quotes from saints and end chapter discussion questions in each chapter. I love the prayers included in the appendices. You can tell the author loves the daily mass. It seems to have made a big difference in his life. It was sweet hearing about his close knit group who he attends mass with everyday. But you also notice the diversity of the people who attend daily mass. I would definitely recommend this book to you. Another of my favorite parts is the discussion of the Eucharist and the exchange of gifts that happens at the mass. The author Mr. Ghezzi describes the gift of our selves to God and his return gift of himself to us in the host. It will help you fall in love with the mass all over again if you are Catholic. If you are not Catholic you will learn about the mass and why the human heart is drawn to it even everyday in daily mass.

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